Eva Glimsche is
expert in the regulation conforming shipping of lithium batteries on all transport modes. Together with Jürgen Werny she created the Lithium-Battery-Service Portal which offers checklists for all transport varieties. www.lithium-battery-service.com

LBA certified Dangerous Goods Trainer for Air Cargo

Trainer for Intercultural competence and Etiquette.

a clown in three figures: Buttler Ludwig,
Lecithinchen or Miss Olivia.

Teacher for primary and secondary schools.

Theatre director and theatre pedagogue.


She has worked as a
Account Manager Passenger Sales Bavaria for 
SAS Scandinavian Airlines,

Cargo Assistant for Booking, Customer Service and Sales 
at SAS Cargo

Cargo Agent at Lufthansa Cargo,

Flight attendant,

Forwarding agent,

and taught at a Montessori school.